Be my Valentine

LBE Description
Top left is the name and address of the Cunning Artificer in ornate frame with side bars of Est. And 1991 above the wording "This LBE has been randomly picked from the days stock and differs only in that it bears this label" with a boy and girl in silhouette holding a letter in a heart frame.
To the right is the title "Be My Valentine" with a girl in spotted dress holding an envelope from a curly haired boy and saying "If there’s not a Green Susan Sport in this LBE, you’re up for a good kicking my lad, I can tell you."

To celebrate the season of romance, a special valentine LBE contained the voluptuous new colour Seamstress Guild stamp, and a loving motto plus one in ten contained a mis-perforated Seamstress stamp.

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Be my Valentine
1 February 2007

Keywords: Romance


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