Wisdom of the Pond

LBE Description
To the left is a frame comprising frogs facing outwards. Within the frame is the Cunning Artificer’s name and address above the text "This being LBE number 0000 of only 1000" supported by two frogs facing upwards.
To the right is an image of a frog sitting on a rock and pointing. Bounded by the text "Celebrating The Year of the SIGNIFYING FROG" and "Celebrating the Year of the Signifying frog A special numbered limited edition of only 1000 LBE’s that heralds this most auspicious year. Not just a collection of Discworld Stamps, but also a spawn of Prizes, along with the Secret Messages from the Pond explained.
Be Amazed, Be Lucky all Year."

A special numbered edition of just 1,000 LBEs to mark the Year of the Signifying Frog. Each contained an assortment of the new Ankh Morpork stamps and a significant phrase or saying (from the Frog). One in 10 LBEs will contained a special prize winning ticket which was redeemable against a special First Day Cover. In addition one in ten envelopes contained a sport or variant stamp.
Some envelopes had the wording ’New Guardian medium weight’ under the sticky flap.

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Wisdom of the Pond
1 February 2006

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