Out with the Old

LBE Description
To the left is a drawing of a housewife standing by the front door holding a besma. On the top right is the name and address of the Cunning Artificer in ornate frame with side bars of Est. And 1991 and below is the title "Out with the OLD LBE" with LBE in outline.

With the impending retirement of the Year of the Three Roses
Ankh-Morpork definitives, it’s time to have a clear-out. And of
course that means we’re having a clear-out of all the sports
associated with them - including the three rarer Patrician sports
and the Tower of Art sports. So we’ve introduced the ’Out with
the Old’ LBE
But in the spirit of a spring clean, these LBEs may also contain
a few other rather interesting bits and bobs that we found down
the back of Bernard’s sofa. And every single LBE will contain
something rather unusual.
You’ll have to wait and see what that is, but let’s just say that one stamp may well repay close examination and, we confidently predict, will give rise to a particularly lively exchange thread on the forum! The LBE contained the Initial and Patrician stamp, the possibility of the Pensive Hare and the Owlswick 50p TOA forgery.

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Out with the Old
9 January 2009



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