During events such as Clarecraft, the Wincanton Spring Fling and Hogswatch, and the Conventions various documents were created; whenever an order is despatched a receipt is included.

These documents were created for the moment with no thought that they would exist after their time had passed.

      Receipts: Receipts issued to accompany orders from the Emporium. The first receipts were created by Hilary and were simple slips bearing a piece of clip art. Since then receipts have been associated with the Thieves‘ Guild and the Ankh-Morpok post Office.
      Events: These are events arranged and managed by the Emporium. These get-togethers can generate a great deal of paperwork such as the timetable, maps and meal tickets.

The first piece of ephemera I have from the Emporium.

The announcement of the opening of the Emporium

I love the last sentence of the letter:

Please come and see us.

I wonder if anyone did?


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