In the Roundworld stamps that are not issued by an approved postal service are know as Cinderellas. This term encompasses Discworld stamps.
So what do you call cinderella Discworld stamps? The answer came from one of Terry's books, Witches Abroad. Magrat's goddaughter in Genua is named Emberella and has all the characteristics of the Roundworld Cinderella

Many of the stamps were created by Bernard as special stamps to be attached to the out-going postal items whilst others were created to raise money for various charities.

I have have broken down the Emberellas into sections to make the list more manageable. However, many of the stamps could appear in more than one section. I have tried to use the most obvious but at the same time keeping the length of each section reasonable.

I was working on creating the Emberella entries when I heard the news of Terry's death. Completing the work was a task of love. The stamps brought back many memories of Terry; the Twinning. the conventions and the opening of the Wincanton branch of the Ankh-Morpork Post Office. It helped to stabalise my feelings.



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