2010 - Goose

Post Office Half Penny Special Issue

Stamp Description
Burgundy on Cream Field Engraving of Post Office Black bordered by Fluted Columns with scroll Burgundy Chief Arched Scroll Burgundy with Motto HALF PENNY POST Cream Bordered by ½ in Circular Frame Cream on Burgundy Sinister and Dexter Base AMPO Cream on Burgundy above ANKH-MORPORK Burgundy in Rectangular Frame bordered by Scroll POST Dexter and PAID Sinister Burgundy on Cream.

Notes:   Issued in the Year of the Happy Goose   [ Album Page ]
Only available as a 4 stamp mini-sheet with the two disk DVD and Blu-ray versions of Going Postal.
Nicknamed ’The Foxy’

Galleries:       Issue Year: Happy Goose           Type: Half Penny Definitive

Images and Documents:
Card accompanying stamps Addressed to Moist von Lipvig
Reverse of card

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SHS Ref:SHS-AM0228-Ae
Name:Post Office Half Penny Special Issue
Released:23 August 2010
Size (mm):40 wide by 30 high
Perf:Machine 16/2cm
Availability:Going Postal 2 disc DVD and Blu-Ray editions
Sheets:Yes Quick View
Sheet Page:she0228
Themes: Building,

Keywords: Going Postal Minisheet Foxy Half Penny Post Office Special Issue; Half Penny; Post Office; Special Issue


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