2010 - Goose

Eight Pence Pseudopolis Overprint

Stamp Description
Tints of Green on White Morporkia Seated holding Ankh-Morpork Coat of Arms Dexter and Fork in Ascent Sinister in Curved frame with 10P in Oval Frame Bordered by POST OFFICE Cabbage motif Canton and Canton Sinister Base TEN PENCE White on Green Field Overprinted in Black with the motto ’THE ASSEMBLY AND PEOPLE OF PSEUDOPOLIS 8 PENCE’.

Notes:   Issued in the Year of the Happy Goose   [ Album Page ]
The original 10 pence Morpork Green Definitive Digital version overprinted with the motto ’THE ASSEMBLY AND PEOPLE OF PSEUDOPOLIS 8 PENCE’.

Galleries:       Issue Year: Happy Goose           Type: Regional

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SHS Ref:SHS-PS0219-Aw
Name:Eight Pence Pseudopolis Overprint
Released:7 May 2010
Size (mm):35 wide by 40 high
Perf:Wincanton 10/2cm
Availability:Letter to Pseudopolis GCTS offering
Notes:Available on the Third Letter from Pseudopolis available via the Green Cabbage Trading Scheme.
Themes: Anthropomorphic Personalities, Females, Overprints, Shields and Crests,

Keywords: Morporkia Eight Pence Pseudopolis Overprint Female; Eight Pence; Pseudopolis; Overprint


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