Reformation of the Post Office

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Rectangular Turned Wood Frame headed with DAVE’S PIN & STAMP EMPORIUM Dolly Sisters, Morpork, Ankh-Morpork. Profile of Patrician in Stamp Shaped frame with Two Pins Crossed with curved phrase The Home of Acuphilia & Flataly with Tenpenny Lucky Dip Bag Of the Finest Stamps From Across the Disc at the bottom.

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the release of Going Postal. A facsimile of Dave’s Pin & Stamp Emporium Tenpenny Lucky Dip Bag, each envelope has been printed on a traditional letterpress by our own Mr Spools.
Waiting to be found in lucky envelopes are prize tickets for 1 of 25 sport covers, and 1 of 25 large format sheets of our Post Office Reformation stamps. Very exciting, we’re sure you’ll agree - but in true Moist tradition, we thought we’d up the ante and throw 5 star prizes into the mix - one lucky winner will receive a coveted Blue Triangle Sport, one of only ten released, while four other winners will bag themselves an original work of art! Discworld illustrator Peter Dennis has graciously given us permission to give away each of the four ink drawings commissioned to create our new issues - something to make your Discworld collection utterly unique!

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Reformation of the Post Office
26 September 2014

Keywords: Reformation; Dave’s Daves Pin Stamp Tenpenny Lucky Dip Bag


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