Little Mother

LBE Description
Featuring a picture of The Grand Duchess Annagovia and the text
"The ’Little Mother’ Little brown Envelope
Celebrating the Muster of the 10th Regiment of Foot The Cheese Mongers pride of the Borogravian Army."
On the left with a picture of a Shako Hat with plume and the text
"Produced for the Manoeuvres and regimental tattoo held on the 29 - 31 July in Woolpit Suffolk. Distributed through the Ankh-Morpork Field Post Office (A-M.F.PO) and the ANKH-MORPORK POST OFFICE Wincanton Branch Wincanton Somerset BA9 9JU. There are just 1000 of these special LBE’s."

Issued to celebrate the Clarecraft 2005 event.

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Little Mother
29 July 2005
The LBEs contained a slip with an Abomination to Nuggan

Keywords: Clarecraft; Field Post Office Abominations Nuggan


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