Hogswatch 2004

LBE Description
In the top left corner is the iconic stamp logo comprising a pseudo-stamp with the Half Penny surround the AM hippo icon in the top corners and the patrician image in the bottom corners framing the words DISCWORLD STAMPS.
In the bottom left corner in a perforated frame is shown the three penny Hogswatch stamp with the text
"THE HOGSWATCH SPECIAL available only from 10th December 2004 to the 11th January 2005."
In the top right corner in a perforated frame is an image of the Penny Patrician together with the name and address of the Cunning Artificer.
In the bottom right corner in a perforated frame is the text
"The Hogswatch Special
Every packet will contain a Hogswatch stamp plus any one or more of our other stamps including on occasions the special rare Patrician Grey, Towers of Art, and the very rare $5 Blue.
And a Happy Hogswatch from Stanley Howler himself."

The First Seasonal LBE

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Hogswatch 2004
10 December 2004

Keywords: Eminence Gris; Stanley Howlers


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