The Stanley Howler

LBE Description
In the top left corner is the iconic stamp logo comprising a pseudo-stamp with the Half Penny surround the AM hippo icon in the top corners and the patrician image in the bottom corners framing the words DISCWORLD STAMPS.
Below in a perforated frame with the text
"These stamps are the first to be created as genuine Discworld artefacts. They have been produced using traditional skills and incorporate unique images. They are printed on traditional gummed paper, and care must be taken to ensure that they do not get damp."
In the top right corner in a perforated frame is an image of the Penny Patrician together with the name and address of the Cunning Artificer.
In the bottom right is an image of the Post Office with the wording
"Send for your free Stanley (ask me about stamps) Howler Stamp Catalogue & Interesting fact sheet. The story of stamps from the home of stamps."

Advertising the Stanley Howler Stamp Catalogue

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The Stanley Howler
1 October 2004



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