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$1 Explorer - Sir Roderick Purdeigh

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Mud Browns on Parchment Field Sir Roderick Purdeigh in Pith Helmet, Palm Tree Dexter with Motto FOR HONOUR Banner POST OFFICE Inferior with Perched Parrot, 1$ in Oval Frame Base Sinister Chief Curved Banner with ANKH-MORPORK Base Banner with CELEBRATING OUR GREAT EXPLORERS SIR RODERICK PURDEIGH SURVEYOR OF THE CIRCLE SEA ONE DOLLAR.

Notes:   Issued in the Year of the Pensive Hare   [ Album Page ]
Sir Roderick Purdeigh, a well-known, but not terribly bright, explorer, who spent many years looking for XXXX, and never found it. According to the Dean of Unseen University, he once got lost in his own bedroom (in the wardrobe in fact).
Despite his failure to find XXXX, let alone their fabled companion Foggy Islands, he is listed in Wasport’s Lives of the Very Dull People.
He is understood to have spent several years going round and round in circles in the Circle Sea, just out of sight of land, under the mistaken impression that he was circumferentially navigating the Disc. He returned to Ankh-Morpork claiming to have proven that the Disc had a circumference of several million miles...
He met an untimely end in Bhangbhangduc at the hands of the natives. We know that Purdeigh was somewhat intolerant of untidy lazy slackers and foreigners, believing any little difficulties could be resolved by a few prods of the blunt end of his walking-stick to get them to shape up and show some backbone. As his last, sadly unfinished, book, The Man of the Woods, relates, Purdeigh was so incensed at the comportment of a group of red-haired slovenly rascals that he resolved to teach them a jolly good lesson with the said walking-stick.
We know today he had not encountered men, so much as the great ape, Pongo Pongo. Whoops.

Galleries:       Issue Year: Pensive Hare           Type: Minor guilds and Leagues

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Design pencil sketch by Ian Mitchell

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Name:$1 Explorer - Sir Roderick Purdeigh
Released:4 September 2009  Announcment
Size (mm):34 wide by 45 high
Price:50 pence
Perf:Wincanton 10/2cm
Availability:Unlimited Availability
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Themes: Characters, Geography, Males,
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Name:$1 Explorer - Sir Roderick Purdeigh Parrot
Type:Sport  Differences
Differences:A second parrot is perching on the POST OFFICE banner
Released:4 September 2009
Size (mm):34 wide by 45 high
Perf:Wincanton 10/2cm
Availability:LBE only
Themes: Characters, Geography, Males,

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