April Fool’s Day

LBE Description
At the top is a drawing of a chubby faced Jester in double pointed hat with bells and a jagged collar with 5 bells with a banner with the motto "THE APRIL FOOL’S DAY" backed by a rectangular frame in grey. Below this is the title wording "LBE"

An edition of but 1000 which contained the new Genua $1 Stamp, a quarter farthing Fools’ Guild stamp, exclusive to this LBE, and a rather interesting offering from the Fools’ Guild for the 'un-bladdered’ of prizes galore, as is only traditional, in addition to vouchers for free LBE’s. There may even be a sporty blue thing... no, not a Porsche, the other one.
The LBE also contained a piece of Jolly Japes; the piece was part of a perforated sheet containing questions on one side and answers on the other,
Sold in 2 tranches on 1st April at 10am BST and 6pm BST.

Images and Documents
Jolly Japes questions and answers
Question sheet - perforated  
Answer sheet - perforated  

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April Fool's Day
1 April 2010

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