Hogswatch Blood in the Snow

LBE Description
On the left is a drawing of a winter woodland scene with in the foreground a hog with curved tusks with head turn looking over its shoulder and in the distance a black silhouette of a dog below the title "HOGSWATCH" and wording "YEAR OF THE HAPPY GOOSE" on a striped background. To the right is a profile of the Hogfather facing left with his beard

The LBE contained the new Hogswatch, Blood in the Snow, stamp including sport, and vouchers to win one of only 25 exclusive Hogswatch design proof sheets, featuring a step by step illustration of how the design evolved and the colour balancing range, each sheet is signed and numbered, and one of only 25 of which will ever be released, and free LBEs
This LBE was a limited edition of 1000, 500 sold on the day of the event and 400 reserved for sale on the web at noon GMT on 1st December.

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Hogswatch Blood in the Snow
27 November 2010

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