Merchant Guild

LBE Description
On the left is a photograph of street seller with tray. A sign on his hat states "Ed Bay GENERAL TRADER", and a sign around his neck states "DO NOT ASK ME ABOUT STAMPS" with white wording below "ASK THE CLEVER LOT ON THE FORUM".
On the right is the title "THE MERCHANTS ISSUE LBE" and below "Dedicated to those whose work in cataloguing, essaying & issuing the collection is of huge benefit to us all." and "THANK YOU"

The LBE contained the Merchants Guild $2 Morporkia and the exclusive Merchants Guild $2 Civic Version which features the head of Lord Vetinari, in place of the Merchants Guild coat of arms Ankh-Morpork traders are much like the city itself. They have risen from the murky pool of citizens to great things, driving commerce and economics all over the Disc. To be known as an Ankh-Morpork merchant adds real value to a business and so the Guild have chosen a regal image symbolic of the city itself, rising from the mud flats of the River Ankh. Morporkia heroically riding her iconic hippos, Roderick and Keith, resplendently through the dense river mud to forge this mighty city, truly reinforces the Ankh-Morpork ethic that ’where there’s muck, there’s brass’. The adoption of this image by the Guild of Merchants speaks volumes about how integral commerce is to the very fabric of the city, and certainly not ones to miss a trick, the Merchants have also made very cunning use of the selvedge!

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Merchant Guild
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