Now we are 6

LBE Description
On the left a drawing of a young girl holding a book descending the stairs with one hand on the banister. To the right is the name and address of the Cunning Artificer in ornate frame with side bars of Est. And 1991 above the title "Now we are 6 Birthday LBE, 9th July 2010"

To celebrate the 6th Anniversary the Now we are 6] LBE was issued on Friday 9th July as a limited edition of 1000.
Each LBE contained the final Clacks-Post Stamp - Koom Valley
edition exclusive to the LBE, including sport and a special 6th anniversary postal label. The possibility of a voucher for the following prizes:
- A special 6th Birthday FDC, plus mint stamp.(20 available)
- A sheet of 6th Birthday stamps. (10 available)
- A sheet of Koom Valley Clacks stamps.(10 available)
- A Mini-Sheet of 6th Birthday Penny Patrician stamps. (10

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Now we are 6
9 July 2010

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