Going Postal

LBE Description
At the top the text "The Cunning Artificer’s" above a stylised frank of two circles with the overlaid initials of Ankh-Morpork in the centre and "GOING POSTAL LBE" in the outer circle bordered either said by 4 wavy lines. At the bottom is the wording "Read the book, see the film, lick the stamps"

Being issued to celebrate the Sky 1’s adaptation of ’Going Postal’ which will air on Sky One on Sunday 30th May.
LBE contained the ’Prequel Stamp’ used before Ankh-Morpork Post Office began producing stamps, a particular frank was used upon paper to denote payment. Also the One Dollar Clacks-Post stamp, Pseudopolis issue and ’The Patrician Moves’ - Lord Vetinari gets the celluloid treatment with these glamorous film-strip adaptation of our Penny Patrician stamps. Not strictly an official A.M.P.O issue, more the result of quantum sparked by the upcoming Sky1 release.
One in 50 LBEs contained a prize ticket allowing the recipient to claim an exclusive minisheet of either the Pseudopolis One Dollar
Clacks Stamp or ’The Patrician Moves’ filmstrip stamps.

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Going Postal
21 May 2010

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