Discworld Convention

LBE Description
At the top the title "The DISCWORLD CONVENTION LBE" above the text "Being number Seven. Held in August of the year 2010" and "The Thing and the whole of the Thing" with on the right in an elephant facing right tilted downwards in a circular frame with 5 stars all encompassed in a shadowed frame.

The LBE contained the new Uberwald DWCon edition Stamp and the Convention in an edition of 1200 as well as the
chance to win a free LBE or one of two prizes, namely one of 25 sheets of the Uberwald (DWCon edition) and one of 30 exclusive ungummed, perforated proof sheets featuring both the standard and the DWCon edition Uberwald stamps together with their sports.

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Discworld Convention
28 August 2010



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