A little Summer Magic

LBE Description
At the top is the title "A LITTLE SUMMER MAGIC" and "LBE" above the text "Containing divers stamps & the occasional ’Tiny Post’. All being mostly harmless." and "ISSUED BY THE DISCWORLD EMPORIUM JULY 2010" all encompassed in a frame of 4 lines.

The LBE contained the newly issued Unseen University transformation stamps and examples of the Tiny Post.
The issued date of 18th of July which according to the Ankh-Morpork Post Office Diary (2007) is known as Tiny Post Day. The publication of the fourteenth edition of the Post Office Regulations had in it a
small typographical error on page 127 so that the rules stated:
'Envelopes less than four inches in length and two and three-quarter inches in width must be used’ The omission of the word 'not’ led to the Broad Way Post Office being presented with more than two thousand letters measuring around one inch.

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A little Summer Magic
18 July 2010



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