Covers - Hybrid Covers now up to date.

Covers are basically envelopes with stamps on which have been franked.
The covers have been split into sections including Consulate, Convention, Guild and Unseen University, Hogswatch, Hybrid, Regional, Special and GCTS covers.

      Ankh-Morpork: These covers have an association with Ankh-Morpork (sca).
      Charity: These are covers raised to raise money for a charity (scb).
      Consulate: These are covers issued by the Wincanton Consulate and bearing the Consulate logo on the envelope. Some of the covers could be classed as Hybrid (scc).
      Convention: These are covers issued to celebrate one of the Discworld Conventions (scd).
      Emberellas: These are covers bearing stamps created by Bernard for non-Discworld purposes (sce).
      Deities: These are covers issued for a Discworld deities (scf).
      Guild and UU: These are covers have been issued by or are associated with the Ankh-Morpork Guilds and the Unseen University (scg).
      Roundworld: These are covers issued for a Roundworld purposes (sch).
      Jamboree: These are covers created for the Jamboree (scj).
      Miscellaneous: These covers don't fall into any of the other catagories (scm).
      Post Office: These covers have been issued or are associated with the Ankh-Morpork Post Office (scp).
      Regional: These are covers have been issued by or are associated with the Discworld Regions (scr).
      Specials: These are covers with special connections to the Discworld (scs)
      Green Cabbage Trading Scheme:
These are covers available from through the Green Cabbage Trading Scheme (sct).
      Hogswatch: These are covers have been issued to celebrate Hogswatch (scx).

By their nature each cover envelope is unique because placement of the stamps and the franks are by hand. I have therefore ignored minor differences such as the stamps stuck in a different arrangement and not catalogued them.

I have, where available, included interesting items such as signed editions, and dipped in one case.

Unlike the stamps I have not split the covers by region although the region is identified.

The first cover actually pre-dates the publication of Going Postal and the creation of the Discworld stamps. It was created to celebrate the Twinning of Wincanton and Ankh-Morpork on 7th December 2002.



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