Summer is a Cummin in

LBE Description
Drawing of two Morris Dancers. The one on the left is wearing a plumed hat, crossed bandannas, bells on his legs and arms akimbo while the one on the right is in typical dancing pose waving white hankies with crossed bandannas, bells on his legs and a bucket on his head. Between then are the title "Summer IS A CUMMIN IN" and below the wording "SING FOLLY-JOLLY-DANGLE Oh AND DANCE THE MORRIS LBE COMMEMORATING THE MAY GATHERING OF THE SOOKBINE & THE SORTING OF THR STICKY-PERFITS"
At the bottom is "With added stick and bucket provided by the Ye Olde Discworld Emporium of Somersetshire"

The 'Summer is a Cummin in LBE’ was launched on Saturday the 1st of May it was a limited edition of 1000. Each LBE contained an exclusive One Dollar Lancre Clacks-Post Stamp, the first in a set of clacks-Post stamps to be released, a new Assassins’ Guild Twenty Pence Vanity Issue featuring the frontage of the grand old Guild building.
As a source of amusement and confusion each LBE will also contain a piece of Morris Dancer and prize vouchers.
500 LBEs were on sale from the shop over the event weekend, 200 LBEs were reserved for Season Ticket holders and 300 were available online on Tuesday 4th May.

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Summer is a Cummin in
1 May 2010



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