2008 - Roses

One Farthing Postage Due

Stamp Description
Sepia on Yellow Field Foliage surmounted by ¼p Sepia on Yellow Rectangular Frame Chief Scroll with Motto POSTAGE DUE Sepia on Yellow Canton A Canton Sinister M Yellow on Sepia Base FARTHING in Frame Yellow on Sepia Ankh Symbol Yellow Dexter Owl Dexter Yellow Sinister.

Notes:   Issued in the Year of the Three Roses   [ Album Page ]

The stamp design imitates the Great Britain Postage Due stamps.
Great Britain Postage Due stamps : Issued first in 1914 for various amounts. A new design was introduced for decimalisation. The half-crown had the banner TO PAY in place of POSTAGE DUE.

Galleries:       Issue Year: Three Roses           Type: Postage Due

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SHS Ref:SHS-AM0143-Aw
Name:One Farthing Postage Due
Released:1 July 2008
Size (mm):30 wide by 25 high
Perf:Wincanton 10/2cm
Availability:SH Journal 15
Proof Sheet:shp0042
Themes: Officials,

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