2008 - Roses

Djelibeybi One Talent

Stamp Description
Green on Cream Mosaic Field Pyramid in Desert Scene with Sun in Splendour Surmounted by Palms and Camel Brown on Hatched Field in Double Scalloped Arch Base DJELIBEYBI and DJELIBEYBI in Djelibeybian script Light Green on Dark Green Bordered by 1t Dexter and 1t in Djelibeybian script Sinister.

Notes:   Issued in the Year of the Three Roses   [ Album Page ]

10 Mills Egypte Poste : Similar to the 1957 Egyptian 10 Mills stamps celebrating the Millennial anniversary of the Al-Azhar University.

Galleries:       Issue Year: Three Roses           Type: Regional

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Colour trial sheet

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SHS Ref:SHS-DJ0138-Aw
Name:Djelibeybi One Talent
Released:1 May 2008  Announcment
Size (mm):44 wide by 30 high
Price:45 pence
Perf:Wincanton 10/2cm
Availability:Unlimited Availability
Notes:Present on the Djelibeybi Consulate Envelope with the Djelibeybi 5 Ptascp
Sheets:Yes Quick View
Sheet Page:she0138
Themes: Building, Fauna, Geography,
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SHS Ref:SHS-DJ0138-Bw
Name:Djelibeybi One Talent Humps
Type:Sport  Differences
Differences:Camel has two humps.
Released:1 May 2008
Size (mm):44 wide by 30 high
Perf:Wincanton 10/2cm
Availability:Sport found on sheet
Sheet Page:
Themes: Building, Fauna, Geography,

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