Skunk Stamp

Stamp Description
Cabbage Green tints on White Sto Plains with Cabbages surmounted by Clouds with the Motto A SALUTE TO THE CABBAGE INDUSTRY OF THE STO PLAINS below. Chief ANKH MORPORK Hatched on Green bordered by Frame Quarterly per Saltire Dexter and Sinister Supported by Scroll with 50p and Cabbage Leaves enfurled Dexter and Sinister Base POST OFFICE Hatched on Green Patrician Portrait Black facing SINISTER in Oval Frame Dexter and Cabbage in Oval Frame Sinister.

Notes:   Issued in the Year of the Prawn   [ Album Page ]
The Special Edition 50p Cabbage Green known as the 'The Skunk Stamp’, a variant of the 50p cabbage green, 'perfumed’ with the scent of cabbage created by Terry himself (aided and assisted by Rob and Bernard) and sealed in jars with City Watch forensic department seal and evidence label.
The stamps were printed with a cabbage-based glue to be sent to Ankh-Morpork expatriates living in foreign climes. The glue included a distillate of Kohl Rabi, Cabbage and Cauliflower. Apart from the pungency, the smell is said to have a curious pervasive, flatulent quality that attaches itself to anything nearby.
As far as is known, no letter with one of these affixed has ever reached its destination

Colin Edwards, Alan Bately, Bernard Pearson
Galleries:       Issue Year: Prawn           Type: Cabbage Fields

Images and Documents:
Evidence lables Evidence labels attached to the Jar
Leaflet Explanation and origin of the Skunk Stamp
The potted stamp The stamp was sealed in a protective glass pot.

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SHS Ref:SHS-AM0011-Am
Name:Skunk Stamp
Differences:For public health and safety the stamp was encased in a glass pot and sealed An evidence label was applied up by Ankh-Morpork City Watch.
Released:10 December 2004
Size (mm):35 wide by 30 high
Perf:Machine 13/2cm
Availability:Very Rare item
Notes:Twenty were produced and only 3 believed to be in circulation.
Themes: Flora,

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