Cabbage Fields Fifty Pence

Stamp Description
Cabbage Green tints on White Sto Plains with Cabbages surmounted by Clouds with the Motto A SALUTE TO THE CABBAGE INDUSTRY OF THE STO PLAINS below. Chief ANKH MORPORK Hatched on Green bordered by Frame Quarterly per Saltire Dexter and Sinister Supported by Scroll with 50p and Cabbage Leaves enfurled Dexter and Sinister Base POST OFFICE Hatched on Green Patrician Portrait Black facing SINISTER in Oval Frame Dexter and Cabbage in Oval Frame Sinister.

Notes:   Issued in the Year of the Prawn   [ Album Page ]
A special Brassica edition showing the verdant glory of the Sto Plains.

Colin Edwards, Alan Bately, Bernard Pearson
Galleries:       Issue Year: Prawn           Type: Cabbage Fields

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SHS Ref:SHS-AM0009-Am
Name:Cabbage Fields Fifty Pence
Released:1 October 2004
Size (mm):35 wide by 30 high
Perf:Machine 13/2cm
Availability:Waterstone Going Postal Cover
Notes:The stamp was also released as the free stamp in Journal 2.
Proof Sheet:shp0013
Themes: Flora, Food and Drink, Geography,

Keywords: Sto Plains Brassica Cabbage Fields Fifty Pence ;


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