Pensive Hare Definitives

Sheet Description
Landscape orientation Framed Hippo Arms Quartered TEEMER & SPOOLS PRINTERS AND ENGRAVERS TO THE POST OFFICE ARCHIVE PROOF SHEET FOR THE YEAR OF THE PENSIVE HARE Top Half Penny, One Penny, Two Pence, Five Pence and Ten Pence Common and Sport Definitives over the Ankh-Morpork Post Office seal Cartouche APPROVED left and right OF ANKH-MORPORK bottom

Notes:       Issued in the Year of the Complicated Monkey

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Name:Pensive Hare Definitives
SHS Ref: SHP-0044a
Released:4 February 2011
Size (mm):297 wide by 210 high
Layout:0 rows by 0 columns
Price £:7.50
Availability:Unlimited Availability
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Keywords: Definitive; Post Office; Half Penny; Red Post Office; Half Penny; Red; Proof; Approval


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