AMPO Football Fifty Pence

Sheet Description
Portrait Orientation Grey Line Frame Burely Field Top ’TEEMER & SPOOLS PRINTERS - ANKH-MORPORK’ Bordered by T and S Intertwined Left Bottom Ascending ’c 2009 PAUL KIDBY & IAN MITCHELL’ Bottom Shield Chief ’AM’ Base ’U’ Helm Football Supporting Owl Supported by Hippos Silhouette Rampant AM Armorial Bearing Silhouette AMFU Badge UU Badge with ’ANKH-MORPORK POST OFFICE FOOTBALL COMMEMORATIVE FIFTY-PENCE POSTAGE ISSUE’ Framed above T and S Intertwined and Football Left and Right with Pensive Hair in Round Frame.

Notes:       Issued in the Year of the Pensive Hare   [ Album Page ]
The three AMPO Football stamps appear on the same sheet.
The stamps are laid out to form a triple se-tenant set.
Rows 1 and 4: shs0188
Rows 2 and 5: shs0189
Rows 3 and 6: shs0190

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Name:AMPO Football Fifty Pence
SHS Ref: SHE-0189-A
Released:9 October 2009
Size (mm):210 wide by 297 high
Layout:6 rows by 6 columns
Price £:18.00
Availability:Unlimited Availability
Stamp Page:shs0189
Stamps: shs0188a   shs0188b   shs0189a   shs0189b   shs0190a   shs0190b  
Sport:r2, c4: shs0189b

Keywords: football ridcully Referee Hoggett


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