Hogswatch 2011

LBE Description
Green on White field Drawing of the Hogfather on a field of Leaves Bordered by "HOGSWATCH" Upper and Lower Ruled Top and "2011" with "LBE" Upper and Lower Ruled Bottom

Images and Documents
Christmas Spirit  A doodle by Bernard
A poem by Bernard  
Santa in chimney  Image supplied by Julian Fagandini
Reb with a teapot  Supplied by annebn

Prize tickets
Oversized Assassins’ Sheet  
Pair of Blue Triangles  

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Hogswatch 2011
26 November 2011
Prizes include 20 sheets of Scheibenweld Convention Labels,
5 Blue Triangle joined pairs,
5 Wonderful Fanny souvenir postcard with sport stamps,
10 3pk of retired LBEs,
5 Great Inventors Cover with sport stamps,
5 Scheibenweld Convention covers with sport stamps,
10 Irish Convention Labels,
10 accidental oversized Assassins 3p Shield sheets,
10 sheets of 11p revenue stamps from Dave’s Pin and Stamp Exchange postal packs,
10 Hogswatch 2011 proof sheets, and
10 sheets of Purple Bernard labels.

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