Royal Wedding

LBE Description
A Cloudy Heart in Sepia featuring the likenesses of King Verence II and his Queen, Magrat on their wedding day accompanied by the wording A Special LBE For the ROYAL WEDDING of KING VERENCE II and QUEEN MAGRAT.

Contained the exclusive Lancre Kingdom Five Pence stamp including sport and it saw the introduction of the Quirm Five Pence stamp.
There were also prize tokens for one of 25 sheets of the exclusive Lancre Kingdom stamps, or one of 25 sheets of the recent Nullus Anxietus stamps.
Artwork by Ian Mitchell.

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Royal Wedding
30 April 2011
Only 1000 LBEs were made available. 500 were on sale at the shop on 30th April with the remaining 500 being sold in two lots on 3rd May.

Keywords: Verence II; Magrat; Ian Mitchell


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