LBE Description
Gold embossed lettering on a standard LBE stating "THE 100th LBE MAY 2011"

Only 1200 of these LBEs have been produced and, once season
tickets have been allocated to, the remainder shall be split into
four batches and released on Monday 23rd and Friday 27th of May
at 10.00am and 6.00pm BST.

For this exciting edition we’ve done away with our traditional
label, and have given these humble little envelopes a touch of
golden glamour. Inside each envelope will be a guaranteed £5.00
worth mix of current Discworld Stamps, as well as an exclusive
celebratory Blue Triangle and the new Howondaland Stamp, with the
chance of sports for each new issue.

As an extra treat, there will be a generous smattering of all our
mailing labels and Cinderellas throughout the edition, and, as
this is such a rare occasion, it’s has been decreed that this
luxurious edition be a BLUE TRIANGLE BONANZA!! With not one, but
TWO Hubwards Gate Blue Triangle Sports to find and at least a one
in twenty chance of finding a common triangle.

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23 May 2011

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