April Fool 2011

LBE Description
White field featuring to the left a black silhouetted monkey wearing a jester’s hat with white beard and red nose in the top right the name and address of the Cunning Artificer in ornate frame with side bars of Est. And 1991 above the words "April Fool" in black above with "LBE" in red and "2011" in black.

For sale for one day but not limited.

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Beggers’ Guild stamps  
Joculator’s Jest slips  

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April Fool 2011
1 April 2011
Contained the April Fools 2011 emberella, one of the Beggars’ Guild stamp and a Joculator’s Jest slip, some of which could be exchanged to an LBE. Some LBEs also contained prize tickets for sheets of the April Fools 2011 label.

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