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The auction information given has been taken from eBay.

It is not an exhaustive list.

Items are only added after they have ended.


The entries show
the stamp code:
the name of the primary stamp,
the [issue year]
the (number of auction entries).



shs0012a: Assassins' Guild Post Pai [Prawn] (1) shs0015a: Merchant Farthing [Prawn] (1)
shs0018a: Merchant Fifty Pence [Prawn] (2) shs0053a: Lancre One Penny Verence [Frog] (2)
shs0085a: $1 Tower of Art [Ptarmig] (1) shs0092b: Penny Patrician Black Ali [Ptarmig] (1)
shs0092c: Penny Patrician Black Gum [Ptarmig] (1) shs0128a: Green Tower of Art Fifty [Roses] (1)
shs0155a: Hogswatch Bath Towel [Roses] (1) shs0167a: $1 Bank Blue Triangle [Hare] (1)
shs0168a: $1 Tower of Art [Hare] (2) shs0169a: Fourecks Five Squid [Hare] (1)
shs0171a: Sto Lat Two Pence [Hare] (1) shs0185a: $1 Explorer - Lady Alice [Hare] (1)
shs0188a: Football Fifty Pence - Ri [Hare] (1) shs0190a: Fifty Pence - The Referee [Hare] (1)
shs0194a: $1 Hogswatch [Hare] (1) shs0198a: Post Office Half Penny Re [Goose] (1)
shs0203a: $1 Tower of Art [Goose] (2) shs0213a: Penny Patrician Moves [Goose] (2)
shs0217a: $1 Clacks Post Paid Pseud [Goose] (1) shs0239g: Festive Bobble Hat [Monkey] (2)
shs0243a: $1 Tower of Art [Monkey] (1) shs0251a: Omnian One Obal [Monkey] (1)
shs0253a: Thieves' Guild Five pence [Monkey] (1) shs0266c: Ankh Two Pence Specimen [2ndIncep] (1)
shs0268c: Morporkia Ten Pence Blue [2ndIncep] (1) shs0271a: Gamblers' Guild Six Pence [2ndIncep] (1)
shs0272b: Cabbage Fields Fifty Penc [2ndIncep] (1) shs0289a: Quisition One Obol [2ndIncep] (1)
shs0292b: Dollar Civic Inverted [2ndIncep] (1) shs0297c: Ankh Two Pence Specimen [FrogAsc] (1)
shs0299c: Morpork Ten Pence Specime [FrogAsc] (1) shs0300a: $1 Tower of Art [FrogAsc] (1)
shs0308a: Bloodaxe and Hammer Four [FrogAsc] (1) shs0310b: Glorious 25th Lilac Penny [FrogAsc] (1)
shs0312b: Guild of Historians Three [FrogAsc] (1) shs0330a: $1 Tower of Art [Llama] (1)
shs0342b: Thieves' Guild Three Penc [Llama] (1) shs0361a: Wonders of the World Ligh [Mouse] (1)
shs0373b: Doctor Whiteface 3p Schno [Mouse] (1) shs0377a: Borogravia Three Pence [Mouse] (1)
shs0385b: High Energy One Penny Tur [Mouse] (1) shs0394b: Morporkia Ten Pence Viole [Panda] (1)
shs0525b: Traditional Values Wiza [Badger] (1) shs0527e: Bad Ass fart [Badger] (1)
shs0527g: Mad Stoat Double-header [Badger] (1) shs0527h: Lancre Town collapse [Badger] (1)
shs0544b: Twoshirts Where's me Shir [Leveret] (1) shs0545b: Duchess Annagoviia Vemeer [Leveret] (1)
shs0572b: $1 Tower of Art Aardvark [Aardvark] (1)



she0061b: Bad Blintz 50b strip [Frog] (1) she0215a: Penny Patrician Lilac [Goose] (1)
she0234a: Ramtop Regional Post Wint [Goose] (1) she0278a: Double Havelock [2ndIncep] (1)
she0326a: Penny Patrician [Llama] (1) she0389a: Hogswatch Delivery One Pe [Mouse] (1)
she0418a: $1 Tower of Art [Artichok] (1) she0420a: SWALK 2p [Artichok] (1)
she0429a: Octarine Grass Country Tw [Artichok] (1) she0483a: Crumley's Hogwatch 5p [Skunk] (1)

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