2014 - Llama

The Chalk One Farthing

Stamp Description
Grass Green on Chalk White Woodcut of The Chalk Downs with Blasted Oak Black Crow White Horse and Black Headed Sheep ¼p enframed ONE FARTHING Baron’s Keep Enframed White on Green Chief The Chalk Green On White Dexter Ascending The Chalk White on Green Descending Enframed Baron’s Keep Postage Paid Green on White

Notes:   Issued in the Year of the Reciprocating Llama   [ Album Page ]
As with grass the colouring of the stamps do vary.

Galleries:       Issue Year: Reciprocating Llama           Type: Regional

CGTS Rate: was:      5

Images and Documents:
Envelope to Mr Lipwig Available as part of the Mrs Bradshaw’s Handbook Collector’s pack

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SHS Ref:SHS-CH0356-Aw
Name:The Chalk One Farthing
Released:29 October 2014  Announcment
Size (mm):28 wide by 28 high
Price:60 pence
Perf:Wincanton 10/2cm
Availability:Unlimited Availability
Sheets:Yes Quick View
Sheet Page:she0356
Themes: Fauna, Geography,
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SHS Ref:SHS-CH0356-Bw
Name:The Chalk One Farthing Bottle
Type:Sport  Differences
Differences:The sheep has been replace by a bottle bearing a skull and crossbones label.
Released:29 October 2014
Size (mm):28 wide by 28 high
Perf:Wincanton 10/2cm
Availability:LBE only
Notes:The sport comes from a separate sheet of 9 stamps. There are therefore, nine sport variations when the selvedge is taken into consideration.
Themes: Geography,

Keywords: Chalk Sheep Skull Crossbones White Horse Crow Blasted Oak ;


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