Discworld Stamp Catalogue

This website is the repository of information on Discworld Stamps and associated items. It will always be work in progress for historic information but new stamps, LBEs, and covers will be added as they are released by the Discworld Emporium.

The term for collectors of Discworld stamps is Flatalists, a term selected and approved by the Man Himself, Sir Terry Pratchett OBE PhD and Milk Monitor. The term derives from Flatness of the Discworld, a homophone of Philatalist, a collector of stamps, and the fact the word is very close to Fatalists.

Discworld Stamp Forum

If you are interested in the Discworld, the stamps and the books then check out   Discworld Stamp forum.   The forum has been around since the start so has an excellent pedigree.
There you will find discussions on the stamps and associated ephemera, historic information, news on upcoming stamps and a trading thread where you can swap, buy and sell stamps and other items. You can read about the stamp origins in this document by Bernard.

The Catalogue

Before this stamp catalogue there two printed catalogues Volume 1 and Volume 2. These were given away free of charge, on request and gratis by the Emporium. Unfortunately, some people saw an opportunity to get rich and tried selling the booklets on eBay.

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