Guild of Knockers-Up Two Pence

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Minisheet Portrait Orientation Enframed Embossed Top and Bottom ANKH-MORPORK POST OFFICE - YEAR OF THE FROG ASCENDANT - TWO PENCE Left SPECIAL TUPPENNY MINISHEET COLLECTION Right Blue Double Framed MINOR GUILDS OF ANKH-MORPORK COLLECTION Burgundy This Series of minisheets celebrates the excellence of our city’s more modest guilds Blue EAM TUETUR EOS EXCLUDIT PLATEIS Burgundy

Notes:       Issued in the Year of the Frog Ascendant   [ Album Page ]

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Name:Guild of Knockers-Up Two Pence
SHS Ref: SHE-0318-A
Released:24 September 2013
Size (mm):148 wide by 105 high
Layout:2 rows by 3 columns
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Availability:Unlimited Availability
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Keywords: Lumpy; Knockers-up; Knocker; Two Pence; Guild


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