Llamedos Ffyrling Ffarthing

Sheet Description
Square Format White selvedge Burgundy Double Framed Top Oval Icon of Mountain and Rain bordered by ONE FFARTHING and UN FFYRLING above SWYDDFA’R POST - YEAR OF THE SECOND INCEPTION - PRINTED IN LWKYU, LLAMEDOS’ with ’MAE’N BWRW GLAWHEN WRAGEDDA COESAU YSGUB - YEAR OF THE SECOND INCEPTION’ Left Ascending and Right Descending ’SWYDDFA’R POST’ Bottom bordered by Rain drop icons

Notes:       Issued in the Year of the Second Inception   [ Album Page ]

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Name:Llamedos Ffyrling Ffarthing
SHS Ref: SHE-0290-A
Released:1 October 2012
Size (mm):155 wide by 175 high
Layout:5 rows by 5 columns
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Availability:Unlimited Availability
Stamp Page:shs0290
Stamps: shs0290a   shs0290b  
Sport:r3, c2: shs0290b

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