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Painting of Victorian scene depicting a postman removing letters from a postbox with two children handing over a letter in an oval frame with Postbox over an envelop and flowers bearing a minisheet of the Wilding definitives collection 1 cancelled with a Bath Postal History frank dated 5th December 2002 with Terry Pratchett’s signature and a Ankh-Morpork Half Penny stamp cancelled with a hexagonal TP Ankh-Morpork and Oval Personally Signed by Terry Pratchett franks.

This Buckingham cover originally created to celebrate Postboxes and issued in 2002 as a limited edition of 200 it appears to have been repurposed for Terry Pratchett; possibly to celebrate his visit to use the perforator with the new Discworld stamps. The cover available from Buckingham covers is vague about when the Discworld stamp was applied.

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SHS Ref: SCS-0001a
Released:5 December 2002
Availability:Limited Availability
No. issued:100
Stamps: Post Office Half Penny Red
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The one available on the Buckingham Covers website is priced at £200.

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