Post Office Opening

Cover Description
Drawing of Wincanton High Street with A Hero of the Post running along in frame with wording NEITHER RAIN NOR SNOW, NOR GLOOM OF NIGHT, CAN STAY THESE MESSENGERS ABOUT THEIR DUTY
The Mail Shall Get Through Red
We Celebrate the Opening of the ANKH-MORPORK POST OFFICE WINCANTON BRANCH December 11th 2004
The First Day Cover & 2004 Hogswatch Stamp Red

The cover was created to celebrate the opening of the Wincanton branch of the Ankh-Morpork Post Office. The cover could also be considered to be the first Hogswatch cover.
Some covers were rumoured to contain a white backed Zombie (Antidote version).

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Name:Post Office Opening
SHS Ref: SCP-0001a
Released:11 December 2004
Availability:Orders from Emporium
No. issued:400
Stamps: Hogswatch Three Penny
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It was up to the owner to post the cover through the Royal Mail postal service. Not everybody trusted they would receive the envelope if they did.

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