God of the Month

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Image of a God with genuflecting supporters against backdrop of religious symbols with the wording GOD OF THE MONTH CLUB and address frame with TO BE OPENED ONLY BY THE ADDRESSEE above and IF UNDELIVERED TO BE RETURNED TO: THE ANKH-MORPORK CONSULATE, WINCANTON, SOMERSET, THE ECCLESIASTICAL, ECUMENICAL & CULTURAL DEPT, THE ANNEX BUILDING, ROOM 666 and There will be a Sign when Opened bearing a One Penny Anoia stamps and AMPO Wincanton Spatula and spoon frank

The Folklore of Discworld is published on Tuesday and is now available to order from the website. We are offering for sale the rare unsigned copies, with the added bonus of a pack of our postcards - who could resist?
To commemorate the publication we are launching on the forum a new God of the Month Club, which should be a lot of fun and which is open to all.* But we are also offering exclusive VIP membership, complete with membership card, to 200 lucky participants. The card and letter of welcome come in a special envelope to which will be attached the Anoia stamp sport, and anyone purchasing the envelope will be eligible to purchase a sheet of Anoia stamps at a reduced price, prior to the stamp’s withdrawal at the end of September.
The special envelopes will be available to order from 16.00 British Summer Time on Monday 8 September. Do not miss out on this once in an incarnation opportunity.

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Welcome letter  
GotM Club booklet outside  
GotM Club booklet inside  
Invitation to the Club  

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Name:God of the Month
SHS Ref: SCF-0001a
Released:8 September 2008
Availability:Orders from Emporium
No. issued:200
Stamps: Anoia One Penny Spatula
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