Gaspode, the Wonder Dog

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Image of Gaspode, the Wonder Dog with associated fragrant emanation with wording Gaspode, the Wonder Dog bottom left and 15 with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home icon over a banner 1860 - 2010 blue bearing the Gaspode emberella and cancelled with a AMPO Wincanton Paw frank

We have recently been in contact with the Battersea Dogs & Cats home. As many of you will know this fabulous organisation is celebrating its 150th anniversary this month. For 150 years they have fought to protect and improve the lives of the nations pets, a task which by its very nature is often thankless. It takes in over 12,000 animals a year, feeding them, caring for them and re-homing them. All of this costs. It costs a lot. And we wanted to help.
One of the ways the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home chose to celebrate this milestone was to work with the Royal Mail on a set of commemorative stamps. They have been hugely successful in raising awareness of the charity, and spurred a great amount of good will for the cause. We have been known to make a stamp or two here at the Emporium, and we to thought we would show our support for this superb institution with a Discworld tribute to those original Royal Mail stamps. One character immediately loomed large in the mind; a certain beloved canine by name of Gaspode.
In light of this fantastic cause, Sir Terry gave us his blessing to produce an item for the Discworld fraternity. Battersea Dogs & Cats Home too, after passing the idea across Royal Mail, gave us their blessings as well as a huge amount of support for the project. After a few prods Ian, our tame artist, was only too pleased to supply artwork. Thus was born the Gaspode Charity Issue!

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Name:Gaspode, the Wonder Dog
SHS Ref: SCB-0006a
Released:11 March 2010
Availability:Limited Availability
No. issued:150
Stamps: Gaspode the Wonder Dog
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