Parker Wedding Invitation

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Drawing of Fruit and Vegetables PARKER & SON’S, GREENGROCER’S, HIGH CLAS’S FRUIT AND VEGETABLE’S 1 LOBBIN CLOUT ANKH-MORPORK below with PRINTED AT TEEMER & SPOOLS, ANKH-MORPORK addressed to Mr George Parker, c/o A Parker & Son’s, Greengrocer’s, High Clas’s Fruit and Vegetable’s, 1 Lobbin Clout, Ankh-Morpork bearing a Two Pence Greengrocers’ stamp

The wedding was announced in Going Postal.
"You’d do me and the future second Mrs Parker a great favour if you wa’s to be a guest of honour at our wedding, and I for one won’t take no for an ans’wer! I’m Grand Ma’ster of the Guild of Merchant’s this year, too!"

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Name:Parker Wedding Invitation
SHS Ref: SCA-0001a
Released:5 April 2007
Availability:Orders from Emporium
No. issued:300
Stamps: Merchants’ Guild Two Pence Greengrocers
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