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On the left in a red rounded frame a picture of children at a party with balloons and party hats white on red the wording "A very HAPPY UN-BIRTHDAY to you" in blue.
The right are the words "Today I an 60 (in red). And let me tell you there have been at least two occasions to date when the prospect of reaching three score years was very slim.
But I did, with more that a little help from my friends. So to celebrate this with all of you.
This LBE is like life, some things you know it contains, the rest you have rip the cover off to find out.
Blessings on the lot of yer.
Bernard & Isobel 13th September 2006"

Bernard asked those going to his Birthday Bash not to bring presents, he was ignored, but Bernard being Bernard he got his own back and gave every attendee an Un-Birthday LBE Present.
The LBE contains the usual set of stamps found in any LBE but also has a special Cunning Artificer stamp. He wanted to share with everyone, so it was also given away via the Stanley Howler Stamp Journal for every subscriber.

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13 September 2006

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