All Fools Day

LBE Description
Features a traditional Punch with paddle and hand raised pointing at an Art-Deco frame containing the Cunning Artificer’s address and contact details. The right is the text "Full of Prizes, full of Fun. Special Stamps in everyone. What we’ll find we never know , we’re happy just to have a Go."
At the bottom are the words "Being Silly on April 1st" and in red "A Special One-day Wonder LBE."

The first Multi-coloured LBE Label. As well as the usual mix of commons and sports each LBE contained a special Foolish Stamp which will never be available individually or in sheets, also the chance to obtain a Lancre Stamp Artefact only 100 of these were produced.
A light brown envelope was also used with this LBE.

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All Fools Day
1 April 2006

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