Jolly Hogswatch

LBE Description
On the left a drawing of the Hogfather by Paul Kirby surrounded by oak leaves and sausages overlaid above and on the left with the wording "HOGSWATCH 2009 Festive LBE Full of jolly surprises"

The LBE contained a 2009 Hogswatch stamp, designed, drawn and rendered by the fabulous Mr Paul Kidby, Discworld artist extraordinaire, and limited edition of 1000. 800 were made available at the Hogswatch event, 200 on the website on Monday the 30th of November at Noon which were sold out in 5 minutes, and 200 at 6pm which were sold out in 15 minutes.

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Jolly Hogswatch
30 November 2009

Keywords: Festive; Hogfather; Paul Kidby


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