Amazing Gone West

LBE Description
Within an ornate frame of a wound bar and looped foliage the title "The Amazing Gone West LBE" above a drawing of a hand pointing right at the words "An exclusive LBE for the folks who are at home on the range in Arizona at the good old NADC round up."

1000 of these special LBEs were prepared and 500 were be
sold online from our website.
Each LBE contained the new NADWCON stamp and 1 in 50 will, in addition, contain the sport, the Tillson Variant. The LBE also contained the first three of the Ankh Morpork Trespasser’s Society Great Explorers series.
There were prize tickets for one of 30 full sheets of the NADWcon stamp each with a Tillson Variant sport, 10 Commemorative Covers with the NADWcon stamp Tillson Variant and 10 sets of joined Great Explorers sports. There was also vouchers for 50 free LBEs.

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Amazing Gone West
4 September 2009

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