Twinning Fifth Anniversary

Cover Description
The Ankh-Morpork Consulate Official Correspondence cover with the Penny Patrician Year of the Reversed Ptarmigan, the Blue Bernard and a special Fifth Anniversary Twinning stamp and cancelled with the Wincanton Consulate frank and a special Twinning frank.

The Twinning frank has the cover date above a quartered shield with twin Patrician coaches upper left, the twin Hippos in the upper right, three money bags in the lower left and twin horse riders in the lower right above a scroll bearing the motto "HIC PRORSUS SISTE"

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Name:Twinning Fifth Anniversary
SHS Ref: SCC-0021a
Released:23 November 2007
Availability:Unlimited availability
Stamps: Penny Patrician Black
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Blue Bernard
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Twinning 5th Anniversary Blue
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