Ankh-morpork locations
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Using the map

The map has been developed so collectors can see where the location identified on the stamps and emberellas can be found. It is not necessarily where the stamps were produced.
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Actors' Guild Alchemists' Guild Royal Bank of Ankh-Morpork Ankh Bridge Archaeologists' Guild Armourers' Guild Artificers' Guild Royal Art Museum Assassins' Guild Barber-Surgeons' Guild Beggars' Guild Brass Bridge Butchers' Guild Custom House Sunshine Sanctuary Dysk Theatre Embalmers' Guild Engravers' Guild Fools and Joculators' Guild Gamblers' Guild Golem Trust Clax Grand Trunk Royal College of Heralds Hippo Historians' Guild Hubwards Gate Knockers-up Lawyers' Guild Least Gate Mended Drum Merchants' Guild Musicians' Guild Opera House Owlswick Jenkins Patrician's Palace Plumbers' Guild Post Office Railway Ratcatches' Guild River gate Seamstresses' Guild Shades Temple of Small Gods Thieves' Guild Tower of Art Trespassers' Guild Troll Embassy Unseen University The Vimes residence Pseudopolis Yard Watch House Treacle Mine Watch House Akina and Son Arthur Carry Cable Street barricade Boffo's Boult and Locke BSJ Cruet Set BSJ Empirical Crescent Burleigh and Stronginthearm Campaign for Equal Heights CMOT Dibbler Crumley's Department Store Dratley and Beedle Lady Sybil Free Hospital Gimlet's Hole Food Deli Yo Rat! J C H Goatberger Gordon Bonnets Grabpot Thundergust Mr Harry King Igor Trust Solid Jackson & Son Merkle and Stingbats Needle Ned Temple of Offler Pantweed Shatta Sonky Brothers Teemer and Spools