Seamstress’s Guild Printer’s Proof

Sheet Description
Portrait Orientation Cream Goatberger logo and image of office J.C.H. GOATBERGER PRINTERS, PUBLISHERS & STATIONERS 43 SHEER STREET ANKH-MORPORK Clax: GTBGR 1 QUALITY PRINTING & ENGRAVING UNDERTAKEN TO HIGHEST STANDARDS. QUOTES GIVEN WITHOUT OBLIGATION PRINTERS PROOF Double line frame Proof No: Job No: Date: top Seamstress’ Guild Farthing and Four Pence stamps in frame Drawing of printing equipment with APPROVED FOR PRODUCTION DATE and NAME in Circular frame RETURN WHEN SIGNED TO THE ABOVE ADDRESS bottom

Notes:       Issued in the Year of the Reversed Ptarmigan
Offer in Journal 16

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Name:Seamstress’s Guild Printer’s Proof
SHS Ref: SHP-0043-A
Released:1 September 2008
Size (mm):158 wide by 210 high
Layout:0 rows by 0 columns
Price £:7.50 Buy from Emporium
Availability:Journal Offer
Stamp Page:shs0148, shs0151
Stamps: shs0148a   shs0151a  

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