Hogswatch Toyshop Printer’s Proof

Sheet Description
Portrait Orientation Wrought Quartered Roundels Olive Frame PRINTERS PROOF ANKH-MORPORK HOGSWATCH ISSUE THE YEAR OF THE REVERSED PTARMIGAN Cartouche TP Cross BP Roundel CE Roundel AB Block of 4 Hogswatch Fifty Pence stamps bordered by Cartouche VALUE of FIFTY PENCE with wording
The above artwork has been engraved and reproduced to our satisfaction and high standards of print quality. We kindly ask that you approve this Proof to be printed herewith by signing and returning to Teemer and Spools without delay. Please check carefully all spellings and punctuations as any subsequent errors and related costs or damages will be fully deemed to be the responsibility of the client signatory. Teemer & Spools logo Signed by Printer left Signed by Client right

Notes:       Issued in the Year of the Reversed Ptarmigan

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Name:Hogswatch Toyshop Printer’s Proof
SHS Ref: SHP-0036-A
Released:1 December 2007
Size (mm):158 wide by 210 high
Layout:0 rows by 0 columns
Price £:6.00
Availability:Unlimited availability
Stamp Page:shs0120
Stamps: shs0120a   shs0120c   shs0120d   shs0120e  

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