Twoshirts Archive

Sheet Description
Landscape orientation Framed with Floral corners Triptych of One Farthing, Half Penny and Two Penny with Sport Cartouche BP Patrician CE Star AB above and below Bordered by Graduated Cabbages TEEMER & SPOOLS logo bordered by AS FIRST PUBLISHED over Patrician Seal left THE YEAR OF THE PRAWN over Patrician Seal right

Notes:       Issued in the Year of the Signifying Frog

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Name:Twoshirts Archive
SHS Ref: SHP-0019-A
Released:1 October 2006
Size (mm):297 wide by 210 high
Layout:0 rows by 0 columns
Price £:9.00
Availability:Unlimited availability
Stamp Page:shs0021, shs0022, shs0023
Stamps: shs0021a   shs0022a   shs0023a   shs0023b  

Keywords: Twoshirts Cabbages Farthing Halfpenny Two Penny Macerating festival


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